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The Introvert Advocate Wants You

IAWN Grand LaunchMy name is Charita Cadenhead, and I am The InTroVert AdVoCATE.  My mission is simple: to reach out to every educator in an effort to have an open discussion about Communication Considerations for Introvert Students.

My goal is to start and have conversations with educators, students and parents about Communication Considerations for Introverts.

By working with educators and students, the aim is to  create a positive educational experience for introvert students.  By conducting workshops with teachers, and coaching students and their parents, I am able to debunk myths about introverts and introversion.  In doing so, it becomes more readily accepted as a personality type, rather than a character flaw that needs to be fixed.
The result is a change in language that no longer makes the introvert child feel like something is wrong with them.  Instead, vocabularies and actions change in such a way that supports introversion as an acceptable personality type, thereby accepting the child for who they are, as they are.  Then and only then do introvert children become more accepting of themselves.

Let’s be clear, I am not an educator.  However, when I sit down and talk with people about what they might be missing when it comes to reaching the introvert student and introvert children in general

I love to see the looks on peoples’ faces as they learn what introversion truly is.  I love to engage them in a dialog, and I love when I ask the question “is this a conversation that needs to take place in schools” and they reply a resounding “yes.”  That’s music to my ears.

My name is Charita Cadenhead and I am the InTroVert AdVoCATE.  To check my availability to come to your school, your child’s school or parent organization, please click here.

“I don’t worry about shy and introvert children because they are shy or introverted.  I worry the way the world treats them because of it.”  Charita Cadenhead


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