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What’s The TIA?

The Introvert Advocate is a blog that highlights the introspection of introverts including their perspective on life, their creativity and above all, how introverts fit into the overall schematic of life’s extroverted world.

The TIA blog brings awareness about the introvert personality type.  It’s not intended to play down the significant role that extroverts play in the world, but rather it shines a light on the often misunderstood personality the extrovert’s counterpart: the introvert.

It’s editor, Charita Cadenhead is The Introvert Advocate and is the champion of Communication Considerations for Introvert Students.  Shared experiences of introverts will aid and encourage other introverts to embrace their personality type without feeling the need to conform to the worldview of the ideal personality type.

Plain and simple, The Introvert Advocate advocates for change in society’s views about introversion.  The blog’s creator is an introvert and the most guest writers/bloggers will be introverts who are willing to share their experiences with the world.  Extroverts are welcome as guest bloggers also but in either case, introvert or extrovert, The Introvert Advocate will not tolerate bashing of any kind.  This is  platform is open to intellectual discussion and closed to demeaning and judgmental conversations.

The hope of TIA is to heighten awareness about the “introvert” personality type and encourage people to accept introverts for who they are and what they bring to the table in a natural way and not being forced or coerced into pretending to be an extrovert.

Authors like Marti Olsen LaneyJennifer Kahnweiler, and Susan Cain all opened a floodgate begging for an opening and all became a part of the fabric that “outed” the truth about introversion and the world’s perception of it.

If interested in becoming a guest writer/blogger, please read the guest writers/bloggers guidelines.


If you would like to submit a post as a guest writer, please read the Guest Write Guidelines and then let me know.  I would love to have our many talented writers add to the global conversation and change the way people view introversion.

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