Dispelling Introvert Myths One at a Time

Myth Number Two

Introvert Myths

ONE of the biggest introvert myths that people have is that introverts do not like people.  Where in the world, I wonder, did people ever get that notion? If I think about it really hard, I can probably imagine how they came to that conclusion. But it’s not the truth.  In fact, a lot of people don’t even know when they are in the presence of an introvert simply because they don’t know or understand what introversion is.  Some introverts blend in so well socially, that unless they tell you that they are an introvert, you would never know and even then you may not believe them.

Dispelling Introvert Myth Number Two

By the way, I’m starting with Myth #2 because of a conversation that I had with someone today so here goes.  The Myth dispelled:  Introverts do like people.  However, their preference is to socialize in smaller groups as opposed to larger groups such as conventions or parties.  That does not mean that introverts cannot and will not work a room.  It simply means that it’s not their preference.

Despite obligations that require  socializing, an introvert would just assume be some place quiet contemplating their future, thinking about things that can change the world or how to affect change in the world. That doesn’t exactly equate to small talk with others, which brings me to another point to dispel the Number Two Introvert Myth:  Small talk.  Some introverts simply don’t like it and prefer not to engage in it.  Notice that I said “some” introverts.  Nothing is ever across the board no matter the personality type.  The small talk thing is nothing personal, but it can only last for so long.  It’s as if the introvert brain isn’t wired for small talk or at least wired for an “interest” in small talk for extended periods of time.

To many people, the introvert’s disinterest in small talk equates to a boring person.  On the contrary, and in-depth conversation with an introvert will reveal someone quite interesting.  If you can engage in a conversation beyond small talk,  you discover someone with more depth than you realized.

The next time you are in the company of an introvert (if you realize it), try for a minute to be open-minded and receptive to the “person” not the “personality type.”  You might just meet someone that you thought you knew better than you did and let’s dispel this introvert myth altogether.

Oh by the way, it might even make you feel better to know that some introverts don’t even know that they are introverts.
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