Do You Need Friends to Be in Business?

Are Friends Essential When Starting a Business?

Wake Forest freshmen, from left, Nancy Davidson ('12), Brooke Thomas ('12), and Kadija Fornah ('12) hang out in Kadija's room in Bostwick Residence Hall on Friday, April 24, 2009.

I was at an entrepreneur conference  yesterday and one of the panelist in the breakout session said something that literally made me sit straight up in my seat.  She said that she  could never understand why a person with no friends would start a business.

My first thought was “oh my God, how insensitive.”  Being being an introvert myself and knowing that many introverts don’t have a lot of friends, my second thought was “I hope that there are no introverts in the room that are taking that to heart. ”  Maybe I was wrong, but my entire opinion of this person took a nose dive at that particular moment.

I’m not dedicating an entire blog post to her statement, but what I do want to say  is that having a large network helps tremendously when starting a business, but it should not stop anyone from pursuing a business if they don’t have friends or an existing network.

Be Driven by Passion

Personally I am driven by passion and believe that goes very far in business and life in general.  When passion fuels you, people listen and your audience will appear and your network will grow.

Being authentic in your approach speaks volumes about who you are and what inspires you.  In the end, don’t be discouraged because someone else’s methods don’t work for you.

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Charita H. Cadenhead


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