Free Yourself to be Yourself

Free Yourself

Free Yourself

Free Yourself

In a world where people fear exposing their weaknesses or true selves, lies a person that  the world needs or even longs to know.  No one likes being vulnerable because of the belief that it opens them up to others taking advantage of them or even worst, embarrassment.  But what if you looked beyond that fear of vulnerability?  What would people really see if you decided to expose the authentic you to the world?

Underneath the Layers

Consider for a moment that you peeled backed the layers.  Would the world see all of your complexities? Would people see a gifted, passionate and compassionate person that is vulnerable to good itself?  Would the world see a side of you that is no different than they are with faults, weaknesses and all?

What’s so wrong with being you that you don’t want the world to know about?  Only you can answer that question. But the real question is what’s keeping you from answering the question?

Everybody has a story to tell that will benefit someone else.  Many times people need to hear your story, even strangers so that they themselves can overcome obstacles or hidden demons that hold them back with lies.  The fact is that you probably know someone personally that needs to hear your story and you know they do.  Why don’t you tell them?

There are probably many tales in your life that are perhaps better left untold.  But the for tales that would serve the greater good (and you know it), tell the tales.  Depending on the back story, you may lift a tremendous burden or weight of guilt off of your shoulders.  Doors might suddenly swing open to opportunities that you never knew existed.

Expose those layers and free yourself to be yourself.

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“I don’t worry about shy and introverted children because they are shy and introverted.  I worry about the way the world treats them because of it.” Charita H. Cadenhead, The Introvert Advocate


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