Hang On to Your Introverted Self

Living Your Introvert Life in an Extrovert World

As a bonafide introvert, I have to admit that for more years than I can count, I had been trying to do things in an extroverted way (personally and professionally) in order to gain traction in whatever “thing” I was pursuing at the time.  I had often wondered why I had not found success in certain areas in my life, though I believed that I was giving every challenge my best.  Let me backtrack for a minute and say that I never reached the level of success for which I was striving.

Well as it turns out, I was approaching every challenge in a way that worked well for someone else; extroverts in particular.  Once I became fully aware of my personality (type) and realized what was repeatedly stumping me, I decided that it was time to get a gripe and do things that suited my personality.  Sure I’ll get some backlash (perhaps) from people telling me that I need to do it their way or I need to become more extroverted, but I’ve put it to the test and you know what, my way is working for me pretty good.

Just call me the Frank Sinatra of introverts.

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