Introverts Still Learning About Introversion

The Introvert Light Bulb Moments

Ever since I metaphorically came out of the introvert closet, I cannot tell you how many people have said that they can identify themselves as introverts. As they identify themselves, for those willing to engage in conversation with me, I have found that they, like myself had thought that there was “something wrong” with them.”  As we talked, I could literally see the light bulbs going off in their heads as we related to one another the things about ourselves that were common between us.

Along with this renewed sense of understanding comes a sense of pride in being different.  It is so awesome to witness.  I am beginning to be not so surprised at how many introverts have sought professional help because they thought something was wrong with them.  Admittedly, I was among them many, many years ago.

If you believe that you are an introvert and can’t quite put the pieces together, here’s one way to figure it all out. Alternatively, you may want to check out some of these articles that I post on The Introvert Advocate Facebook page.  Whichever you choose, you’ll be surprised to find out how little you may know about yourself or if nothing else, you’ll learn that you certainly are not alone.

photo credit: Guests at the meeting with Michael Binyon via photopin (license)

Charita H. Cadenhead

Charita H. Cadenehead

Charita H. Cadenhead
Editor, The Introvert Advocate

Charita Cadenhead is a Life Coach and founder of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life. RRR was created  to inspire women to take a chance on their dreams; to escalate the dream out of perpetual deferment and motivate them to seek, find, explore and release their full potential. Charita is the sole creator, author and contributor of and  and The Introvert Advocate blogs.

Her passions lie in empowering women to seek their destiny and encouraging and introverts to embrace their introvert strengths and use those strengths to live a powerfully fulfilling life.


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