Introverts & Public Speaking

Introverts Can and Do Speak Publicly

Bio PictureThere were two things that a lot of people learned about me this year.  The first was that I’m an introvert and the second was that I’m not afraid of public speaking.  I need to clarify that once I explained what constituted introversion, the light bulb went off in the heads of many.  After the light came on, they were even more befuddled by the notion that an introvert actually liked public speaking.  Well, don’t be so surprised and let me tell you why.

Knowledge Fuels Our Public Speaking Fire

Introverts love to talk about things that they are passionate about and we can go into great detail when you get us going.  When we are passionate about something, we will generally research every aspect of that interest and be able to convey its relevance in a clear and concise way; whereby, listeners walk away with a full understanding (or educated grasp) of what we’ve discussed.  It’s just that simple.

I learned very early on that I had a way of explaining things in such a way that my target audience would be engaged in the presentation and the Q & A afterwards.  You see, a key reason in our ability to speak publicly is “engagement.” Participating in something or some event doesn’t really ring our bell.  What’s really important to us is the ability to engage and embrace the thing, concept, or event. That’s where you get us hook, line, and sinker.

We don’t always have a lot to say when it comes to small talk.  As a matter of fact, small talk is just not our thing.  However, if you start talking about issues and concerns that have far-reaching effects, we’re all in and those are the things that get us excited.  Those are the things that get us fired up about sharing what we know in a public forum.

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