TIA is Seeking Guest Writers

The Introvert Advocate blog is currently seeking guest writers to aid in its mission.

The primary mission of The Introvert Advocate (TIA) is to promote healthy outlooks on introversion and educate the public about introvert personality types and do away with the myths and perceptions.  TIA wants to empower its readers (as well as its writers) to join in Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution and make changes where needed or desired as to how introverts are regarded, treated and responded to in today’s world.  If just one thing that you write, inspires someone to view introversion differently in a positive light, then you’ve succeeded in being a part of the revolution.

Our guest writers’ backgrounds will be quite diverse and have national, if not global reach. Each writer’s contribution will add value to The Introvert Advocate as well as add value to the writer’s efforts to promote positive images of introverts and the need for change in our schools and workplaces and hopefully aid in building a strong community of writers and nationwide network of support.

If you feel that you can contribute to this mission then please submit an example of your writing, if you have one, OR a synopsis of an initial article that aligns with our mission.

First, please ensure you have read and agreed to our Guest Writer Guidelines.

I’m looking forward to this collaboration.

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